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I found my lifetime dentist office and it’s right in my front yard! Precision, affordability, high-tech equipment, and the best customer service anywhere! I cannot say enough about this awesome place. I chipped my tooth over the holiday weekend and they worked me in faster than anybody else. Now I cannot imagine going anywhere else.. This is a one-stop shop wonder. They do it all and I was comfortable. Thank you, Drs Sushant and Ritu Dhadwal!

penny c.

From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the offiice itself. I wish I had switched to them sooner. Dr. Dhadwal is an excellent doctor. Very thorough and caring. He goes an extra mile to make you feel comfortable. Great attention and service. You know you are in good hands when you learn things about your teeth structure that you had no clue about. Keen eye on detail!

Asrita K.

Awesome Experience! Not just a trip to the dentist office. The level of safety, hygiene, and compassion is tremendous. The office is well equipped with all the latest tech and comfort tools. Got to watch some episodes of a show I’m binging on Netflix while he worked on my Crown. Staff is super knowledgeable in their craft and very experienced. Great location too!!!

Sean b.

Everyone was friendly and helpful.. The office was clean and my family and I felt comfortable. They offer headphones while they're doing the work and you can also watch TV because they have TVs mounted to the ceiling over the chair. How cool is that?!! Most importantly the doctor took his time and went over the problem areas that showed on the x-ray. Overall best dental experience we've had in a very long time. This is our new dentist.

Marsharee D.

SmilesHub is an excellent place for dental work. Dr. Dhadwal and his staff are very nice people. The amenities are terrific, with Netflix, headphones, and glasses provided to patients. I also appreciated seeing pictures and x-rays on big screen high definition televisions. Dr. Dhadwal was thorough, answered all questions clearly, and walked through my treatment step by step. I highly recommend.

Vincenzo C.

They were very friendly and fast. I’m terrified of the dentist and they made me very comfortable. My procedure was 100% painless. Will definitely be going back!

Santiera N.

Had a great new patient exam/cleaning this morning. The doctor took xrays and images with 2 different cameras- very high tech and modern. I appreciated that he marked them up and explained everything right in front of me. Told me what he recommends and ‘no rush’ and ‘you have options.’ I’ve avoided Dentists a lot in the past because I’ve been pressured into expensive procedures immediately and that was not the case at SmilesHub.

aman g.

Dentist is super friendly and great with kids! My son had a few cavities but Doctor Ritu made him feel completely comfortable throughout the cleaning and fillings.

sandy r.

It is evident that once you walk in to Smileshub that they cater to their clients and that they come first. Everything from complimentary coffee to Dasani Sparkling water, to the TV mounted above you to watch as you get your teeth cleaned. It is apparent that no expense was spared to make you feel welcomed and comfortable, just as the Dentist visit should be. The customer service is exceptional, I felt like my comfort was primary concern from everyone on the staff. I laid on the chair watching cat and dog videos above while receiving routine dental work. I hardly noticed or heard the instruments as I also had on Bluetooth headphones during. Can you say that about your dentist visit? The recommendations from my, now NEW, dentist felt genuine and to my needs and not generic. I highly recommend you stop in and see for yourself.

balo g.

The best oral health clinic in the area . The highest degree of compassion and care for the patients . Pain free dentistry with advanced technology . Highly recommended. 5 stars.

taran k.

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